Explore New England Full Episode: A Different World

Moosehead Region, ME, Winter: Skiing, Ice Fishing, Dogsledding & Little Lyford Camps

Sled dogs
Sled dogs –Explore New England

When the snow flies, winter-lovers flock to the Moosehead Lake Region, where adventures await in the form of downhill skiing at Big Squaw Mountain, dogsled racing, snowmobiling, ice fishing for lake trout, cross-country skiing, ice racing on the frozen lake, and more! ENE visits the ice-bound lake to partake in all the above, as well as a side trip to Little Lyford Camps in the One Hundred Mile Wilderness for some spectacular crosscountry skiing with the Appalachian Mountain Club. Also on tap is a plane ride around Mount Kineo, courtesy of the Birches Resort in Rockwood. It’s a winter outdoor extravaganza that’s sure to get you excited about exploring the Moosehead Region in winter!


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