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This discrete mathematics course is just $16.
This discrete mathematics course is just $16. –Stack Commerce

At least in part due to its proximity to MIT, Boston is a hub for science, mathematics, computing, and robotics jobs. Of course, to get those jobs, it helps to have gone to MIT or Harvard. But if the ship has sailed on that and you’re still interested in pursuing an engineering or technology job, this Discrete Mathematics Course could serve as a good primer as you consider moving into a math-heavy career.

Discrete math is the backbone of mathematics and computer science. This course covers the most essential topics that all math and science students encounter at some point in their education. It’s divided into eight sections: Sets, Logic, Number Theory, Proofs, Functions, Relations, Graph Theory, Statistics, and Combinatorics. Each section is geared to be real-world applicable and aimed to improve your logic and mathematical ability.


The course is led by Miran Fattah, a teacher with a BS in Mathematics and Geophysics from the University of Oklahoma who has dedicated his life to teaching math to aspiring students. One student, Oneika Valere, says “He took topics that appeared to be complex and simplified them with the use of great analogies and tossing the jargon out the window.”

Get the math education you need to succeed. This Discrete Mathematics Course is just $15.99 now.

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