How to get exclusive access to the world’s best wines from the comfort of your home

Wine Access connects you with the best wines and vineyards in the world.

Wine Access connects you with the best wines and vineyards in the world.
Wine Access connects you with the best wines and vineyards in the world. –StackCommerce

For most responsible Bostonians doing their part to contain the coronavirus pandemic, traveling is off the docket for the foreseeable future. Instead, you’re getting more intimately familiar with your streaming accounts and the rotating goods at your local Trader Joe’s. That likely also means you’re spending some extra time in the wine aisle (if you’re fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe’s with a liquor license) or have been having wine delivered to your new go-to. Regardless, we have your answer. With Wine Access, you can feel like you’re making a trip to Napa or Bordeaux without ever leaving your couch.


Wine Access is an online wine shop based in downtown Napa dedicated to connecting wine lovers (and aspiring connoisseurs) with top-tier winemakers, vineyards, and, most importantly, wines. Wine Access believes that the greatest barrier to the world’s elite wines isn’t price — it’s access.

The credentialed experts at Wine Access source wines from around the world, including ones that typically are not available in the U.S. or from other retailers, and curate lists that will meet any palette. With collections like Rare Allocations, Michelin Star Favorites, The Icons, Top Values, as well as lists from master sommeliers, you’re sure to find something you love, no matter what your preference. Wine Access offers wines of all variety from some of the most renowned regions in the world, including Napa and Sonoma, Bordeaux and Burgundy, Tuscany, Spain, Australia, Argentina, and much more.

Where Wine Access truly differs, however, is in the stories they tell. All of Wine Access’ wines are backed by original, creative content that is backed by in-depth reporting and interviews. They want you to fully understand where a wine comes from, shipping it with perfect provenance and a satisfaction guarantee. On their website, you can learn more about the wines and the regions you love with daily stories designed to be educational and a genuine adventure. You can’t travel to these places, but you can enjoy the wine like you would if you were actually there.


Bostonians appreciate a fine wine but they also appreciate a good story. You want to know where your wine came from, who made it, and how. With Wine Access, you’ll get the full story so you can connect better with the world’s best wines and take your tasting experience to new heights.

Check out their selection today and enjoy a risk-free purchasing experience with a satisfaction guarantee and shipping included. When you shop today, you can get $50 off an order of $150.


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