If you’ve always wanted to produce your own music but never had the chance check out this online bootcamp

Venues may be closed but you can still put on a show.

This nine-course bundle was made for anyone with an interest in music production. Led by Tomas George, a music producer and audio engineer with an MMus Master’s Degree in Music Production, this bundle will introduce you to two of the most popular digital audio workstations: Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10.

And, these workstations aren’t just popular among amateurs, either. Big names in music like Skrillex and Calvin Harris have used Ableton Live and Logic Pro X respectively.

You’ll learn how to engineer music from the ground up using the skills, techniques, and tools that the professionals use and understand how to implement cool add-ons like synthesizers. From there, you’ll get familiar with production in Ableton Live 10, including how to play a live set and adjust on the fly. Maybe you’ll be playing The Hatchshell this summer, who knows?


If you were ever curious about learning music production, The Premium DJing & Music Production Bootcamp Ft. Ableton + Logic Pro X is here for you. Get it now for just $49.99.


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