Learn screenwriting from a Nicholls Fellowship winner

This screenwriting course is less than $30 now.

This screenwriting course is less than $30 now.
This screenwriting course is less than $30 now. –Stack Commerce

New England has been the setting of many movies, from The Departed and Little Women to Godzilla: King of Monsters. If you’ve gotten the screenwriting itch from Hollywood’s many forays into the Boston area, it’s time to scratch it. Screenwriting Made Easy is a new course that will teach you how to get your screenplay off the ground and into the hands of filmmakers.

This two-hour course is taught by Pamela Kay, winner of a Nicholl Fellowship in screenwriting, and a professional screenwriter who has had Oscar-winning actors attached to her projects. Here, she’ll teach you how to avoid the biggest mistakes new screenwriters make and a wide variety of screenwriting tips and tricks. You’ll learn how to generate new story ideas, build characters, understand screenplay structure and format, and create stories that resonate with audiences.


It’s almost like going to film school online. Right now, you can get Screenwriting Made Easy for 85% off at just $28.99.

Price subject to change. 

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