Remote work is safer and easier with this Apple device manager

Remote work is safer and easier with this Apple device manager
Remote work is safer and easier with this Apple device manager –StackCommerce

Most businesses in the Boston area have been working remotely for months at this point, and there’s little indication that that will change any time soon. Remote work has presented a number of previously unforeseen challenges to companies. One of the most significant: IT management.

While huge companies have entire IT teams dedicated to managing corporate-owned devices, networks, software, and more, few small and medium-sized businesses have those kinds of resources devoted to keeping employees safely and securely connected when they’re not in the office.

That’s where Jamf Now comes in.

Jamf Now is a dedicated service for Apple device management. Its seamless, intuitive interface allows managers to set up Blueprints for all devices a company owns. You don’t need to be an IT expert to manage devices, so it’s easy for anyone to ensure all of their employees’ iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple TVs are up-to-date and well-secured. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that all devices have the apps, software, and settings individual employees need, and that the proper security protocols are in place.


As your company grows, you can easily onboard new employees with equipment that’s perfectly configured to their jobs and lock former employees out of old equipment easily. If anything needs updating, you can push updates to any app or software to all devices in your fleet with ease — simultaneously.

Managing and maintaining devices in a remote world is a pain, even for companies with complete IT teams at their disposal. With Jamf Now, you can manage all company devices remotely, without ever needing the physical devices in your hands. You can keep an eye on inventory, security updates, employee interactions, and more from a single, centralized hub.

Make your Apple device management a breeze. A basic Jamf Now account costs nothing and supports up to three devices. You can add additional devices for just $2 per device, per month after that. Head on over to Jamf Now to find a plan that works for your business.



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