This smart mug warmer will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature

That is, as long as you're not drinking it iced.

That is, as long as you're not drinking it iced.
That is, as long as you're not drinking it iced. –StackCommerce

We’ve had a surprisingly pleasant and long Autumn, but in the past week, Winter has fully arrived. While you may have fended off that heat bill for an extra month, the cold temperatures are here to stay. Walking to get your daily iced coffee may not be in the cards right away, so it’s time to resort to hot coffee. But don’t worry, it won’t go cold on you when you’ve got the Electric Smart Mug Warmer.

This ingenious, lightweight cup warmer uses smart technology to keep your hot coffee or tea at a temperature of your choosing. The 18W heating element lets you choose between a desired temperature of 104ºF and 140ºF so you won’t have to worry about coffee going stale if you forget to drink it, or burn yourself when it’s too hot. Just turn it on and it will heat up your coffee in a jiffy, and, if the gravity induction sensor technology detects you have your cup in your hand, it will turn the warmer off automatically. No worries about getting burned, either.


Stay warm and cozy without blasting the heat or worrying about your coffee going stale. Get the Electric Smart Mug Warmer for 61% off $59 at just $22.99 now.

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