Train your body, mind, and soul with this comprehensive app bundle

From speed reading to mindfulness, this bundle will give your life a boost.

From speed reading to mindfulness, this bundle will give your life a boost.
From speed reading to mindfulness, this bundle will give your life a boost. –StackCommerce

Boston is beginning to open back up, but after months in quarantine, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t feel completely on top of your game right away. Working from home instills many new habits (and many bad ones) and forces you to adapt to do whatever makes you feel sane. Now that the world is opening up again, you might find you don’t feel ready for it. If you find you could use a little help getting back into the real world, check out The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle.

From fitness programs to career training, this 5-part bundle comes loaded with content to give you a leg up in life, and it’s on sale for only $79. Here’s what’s inside:



uTalk is the language education app enjoyed by more than 30 million users. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new language but didn’t know where to start, uTalk is for you. With more than 140 languages available and bite-sized lessons that focus on real, practical vocabulary, you can learn on any device, whenever you’d like, all while developing the skills you need to navigate vacation like a local or business like a pro. With the bundle, you can choose from any two languages in uTalk’s library.


MindFi has earned top reviews from Forbes and Women’s Weekly and was even named an Apple App of the Day because of the way it seamlessly brings mindfulness practices into your life. MindFi’s curated mindfulness exercises are accessible anywhere, helping you destress, reduce distractions, and boost your focus whenever you need.


Fitterclub offers more than one million tailored fitness programs that are designed to help you get in shape from home. With Fitterclub, you can build a personalized fitness and nutrition program through a simple questionnaire and whip yourself into shape in as little as 30 minutes per day, five days a week.

7 Speed Reading

The world’s number one speed reading software has earned Gold and Excellence Awards from TopTenReviews for a reason. Reading efficiency has been linked to greater success in work, making 7 Speed Reading a worthwhile investment. You’ll learn how to triple your reading speed through a variety of interactive mediums. Plus, it gives you access to more than 20,000 ebooks, absolutely free.

Integrity Training


With more than 600 courses covering topics from project management to web development, Integrity Training will be your hub for professional development. Integrity Training’s instructors hold certifications from companies like Microsoft, CompTIA, PMI, and many more, giving them the expertise and knowledge to help you level up in your career.

Don’t just go back to going through the motions. Start thriving with help from The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle. Get it today for just $78.99.

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