9 simple ways to customize your home

Shake up your home design without shelling the cash for a total renovation.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or looking to upgrade your existing house, try these easy and unique suggestions to keep your home looking bright and modern.

1. Start with art: wall hangings, photographs, and children’s originals

Discover new places to exhibit old memories and cherished pieces. Place eye-catching, elegant works of art in bare rooms to add life to white walls. Frame much loved children’s artwork. Get crafty and collage the back of a bookshelf with your favorite travel photos, or wallpaper. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try painting the floor in a tasteful mural to add an unexpected element of depth and design.

2. Be bold with eye-catching accent colors

Put your favorite color attractively on display by using it as an accent color in any room. Match throw pillows, towels, dresser knobs, or other details to a brightly colored accent wall that helps break up the traditional look of four white walls. This striking design choice can add individuality and pop to any style home. Need creative direction? Draw inspiration from a statement painting’s color palette.


3. Illuminate rooms with natural light and strategically placed bulbs

Every room—no matter how small or how dark—can feel bright and spacious. Replace interior walls, exterior walls, and entryways with bay windows, frosted glass walls, and French doors. Natural light is not only revitalizing, but can also lead to substantial energy savings. Place LED lights and pendant fixtures in unique places, such as under tables or outlining bed frames to accentuate certain features, while also providing a soft, warm glow that is easy on the eyes.

4. Bring warmth and life to every nook and cranny

Center yourself around the fireplace as pinecones, orange slices, and cinnamon sticks burn in the fire, spreading a homey aura. Lay a large, plush rug in front of the hearth to cozy up on as you read a book. Stretch your green thumb by adding plants to every room to experience the therapeutic nature of Mother Earth. Houseplants have been known to increase energy, concentration and self-esteem.

5. Organize your way to more serene living

Be inventive in your de-cluttering by installing ultra-strong magnetic walls to hang pictures, metal shelves, or even a spice rack. Re-use old crates to create cubby-space for shoes, and books, or innovate storage space in otherwise unused spaces (like under the stairs). If you’re looking for an easy DIY, just add some decorative hooks to a convenient spot on the wall to hold coats, hats, and keys.


6. Streamline life with techy home improvements

Find new, more advanced products to enhance your life at home. Control your home from your phone by connecting to a new surround-sound audio system, a hidden or transparent TV, an electric kettle, and your thermostat—even when you are out and about. Plus, ever wish you could see if you need milk or eggs while you’re at the grocery store? Modern fridges now come equipped with interior cameras so you can see exactly what’s low on every shelf.

7. Build a backyard oasis

Escape to your own backyard. Build an indoor-outdoor serving bar for when the weather warms up. Extend the patio to multiple levels with tasteful, multi-use furniture, like a sectional daybed that acts as a private outdoor sleeping nook, as well as a pull-apart comfy eating spot. Whether you’re seeking a cozy courtyard or a chic open-air dining area, add colorful pillows and personalized furniture to fit your style. By eliminating the distinct line between your house and backyard, you’re able to appreciate nature from the comfort of your own home (and keep an eye on the kids).

8. Create a new space to fit your fancy

Whether you have a hankering for woodwork, are an esteemed sommelier, or just want a fun, laid-back space for your kids to be kids, there’s a place for you—to set up shop, store hundreds of bottles of wine, or finger-paint the walls. Find any existing, unused spaces, like under the staircase or in the garage, that can be refurbished as a wine cellar or a study corner. If you want to start anew, finish your basement, attach an addition, or build a greenhouse for a planter’s paradise or whatever activities you please.


9. Get design inspiration from model homes

Stepping into a professionally decorated model home can feel a lot like diving into a 3D Pinterest page. From floorboards to the ceiling and everything in between, model homes use individual touches to create a beautiful whole.

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