Franklin Park Zoo’s “Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience”

The Franklin Park Zoo like you've never seen it before

Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience
Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience –Tianyu Arts and Culture

By Mary Lhowe

Franklin Park Zoo in Boston leaps into the world of colossal drive-by and walk-by public display with the opening on August 21 of the stunning Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience.

Visitors to the exhibit, which is open through November 1, will walk through and past enormous displays composed of hundreds of colorful lanterns. Walk with your child (or anyone) through the 66-foot-long shark tunnel or the 197-foot-long dragon expect open-mouthed delight.

Lanterns are arranged into 50 giant displays across the zoo’s 72 acres. Many lantern compositions celebrate wild animals, but there are also massive arches, glowing gardens, and blissful Asian scenes. Kids can make music on a giant step-and-play piano.

Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience —Tianyu Arts and Culture

The diversity of planet Earth is honored with big lantern sculptures of unusual turtles, snow leopards, and jungle-dwelling frogs, a celebration of many ecosystems. Visitors can learn what the zoo is doing to preserve biodiversity and how ordinary people can help.

The show happens nightly from August 21 to September 7 and Thursdays through Sundays from September 8 through November 1. 6-10:30 p.m.

Tickets are sold advance, online, for specific time slots. Cost is general admission, non-members $19.95 per person and zoo members, $17.95 per person. The family four pack is $67.95 for non-members and $59.95 for zoo members.

The zoo is taking all possible precautions to keep visitors safe. Timed entry will keep crowding at a minimum. Masks for all visitors over age 2 and social distancing are required.

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