Eat cleaner with seafood from Wild Alaskan — a membership program that delivers sustainable, wild fish to your door

Whether you’re looking for a way to eat healthier, avoid the grocery store, or work on your seafood prep skills, this innovative company can help.

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For many, COVID-19 measures have translated to a less healthy daily routine: less movement, less fresh air, and less natural ingredients thanks to reduced trips to the grocery store.

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But what if you could have your natural ingredients and eat them too? For all your seafood needs, Wild Alaskan Company has you covered. Wild Alaskan delivers fresh-frozen fish to your doorstep, offering a convenient way to integrate more clean protein into your diet during social isolation and beyond.


Founded by Arron Kallenberg, an Alaska-native who worked in internet startups for 15 years and whose grandfather and father were both commercial fisherman, Wild Alaskan is dedicated to serving both its members and Mother Nature by providing sustainably-sourced seafood.

The company’s commitment to sustainability extends from their sourcing methods to their shipping packaging, which is all either recyclable, compostable, or dissolves in water.


Where does the fish come from?

All Wild Alaskan fish are wild-caught from sustainably managed fisheries in Alaska — and a few in the Pacific Northwest — which has some of the most delicious seafood and some strictest rules around sustainable finishing.

The fish isn’t “fresh” in the sense that it’s delivered to you shortly after it’s caught, but it is fresh-frozen. This means that once the fish is caught, it’s handled with care on the boat before being processed and frozen shortly thereafter. Most of Wild Alaskan’s seafood is never thawed until it’s in your hands for cooking. This keeps the fish at a premium quality while being realistic about supply chain logistics.


How does the subscription service work?

Wild Alaskan operates on a monthly membership basis to ensure you’ll always be stocked with the fish you need.

Sockeye salmon, coho salmon, Alaskan halibut, and Pacific cod are available year-round.

Sockeye salmon, coho salmon, Alaskan halibut, and Pacific cod are available year-round. Members can also score rockfish, wild Alaska Pollock, sablefish, and weathervane scallops depending on availability.

Although you can’t select your fish order à la carte, there is a plan to suit every taste. Members can opt for the curated Wild Salmon Box, White Fish Box, or Wild Combo Box.

Each type of box comes with individually portioned 6-ounce packs of fish in two size options. You can get 12 portions for $131.88 ($10.99 per portion) or 24 portions for $239.76 ($9.99 per portion). And right now, Wild Alaskan is offering $15 off your first order of either size.

Shortly after ordering, the fish arrives at your doorstep in its eco-friendly, insulated cooler with dry ice to keep the fish frozen under even the hottest conditions. You can cook it immediately or put the box in your freezer to store for later use.

As a member, once you’re ready to start cooking you’ll have access to Wild Alaskan’s team of expert fishmongers for any questions you may have regarding seafood, recipes, and cooking tips. You can contact them via email, phone, or website chat.

Try out Wild Alaskan Company and save $15 today.

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